This is a collection of links that we use regularly or want to keep in mind. Hopefully, you find something useful here as well in this quite random assortment. Also: This page will be updated when we come across something new and nice. Also feel free to propose some ideas on what you think is great.

Cosmochemistry News


  • Actinide atomic spectra: Special atomic energy and spectra database for actinides. Has much more information than NIST database for these elements.
  • JANIS: OECD-NEA nuclear data information system. Online tool and java based software available.
  • NIST Atomic spectra database: Database for looking up atomic energies and spectra.
  • RILIS: Database with RIMS spectra, maintained by CERN.

Instrumentation / Hardware

  • Instrument Kit: Driver / communication package for communication between Python and Hardware.


  • Chart of the nuclide drawer: Python script to plot the whole chart of the nuclides using the nuclear data wallet numbers and prints it as an svg. Color scheme based on Karlsruher Nuklidkart but can be customized.
  • Inkscape: A classic at this point I assume, Inkscape is amazing when handling vector graphics and importing / exporting for proper figure handling. And best of all, fully open source.
  • Veusz: Finally an open source tool to replace expensive plotting programs. Absolutely fantastic program!
  • yt-project: If you need python and don’t want to install from scratch, look no further. YT is the solution to any of your problems.