MMA SAG: Thermonuclear Supernovae


A Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) is an extremely energetic thermonuclear explosion, thebrightness of which approaches that of its host galaxy. This immense luminosity has made themimportant cosmological distance probes, leading to the discovery of the acceleration of the expan-sion of the Universe. SN Ia are also important sites of nucleosynthesis and chemical enrichment ofgalaxies. Despite their importance to the field of astronomy, it is remarkable that today there is stillno consensus on what is the underlying progenitor of SN Ia. Simulations have done a tremendousjob in understanding the progenitors and their evolution and connecting to observations. With newsurveys and space missions, the multimessenger observations of SN Ia will paint a clearer pictureof the origin and mechanism of these events.

Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society