The presolar grain database: I. Silicon carbide


The Presolar Grain Database (PGD) contains the vast majority of isotope data (published and unpublished) on presolar grains and was first released as a collection of spreadsheets in 2009. It has been a helpful tool used by many researchers in cosmochemistry and astrophysics. However, over the years, accumulated errors compromised major parts of the PGD. Here, we provide a fresh start, with the PGD for silicon carbide (SiC) grains rebuilt from the ground up. We also provide updated rules for SiC grain type classification to unify previous efforts, taking into account newly discovered grain types. We also define a new grain type D, which includes some grains previously classified as ungrouped. Future work will focus on rebuilding the PGD for other kinds of presolar grains: graphite, oxides, silicates, and rarer phases.

The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series